Whatsup Wanderlust!!! Free Pop Up Events & Wander2Dharma Wrap

Whatsup Wanderlust!!!  Free Pop Up Events & Wander2Dharma Wrap

Wow is it Wanderlust already?  Life has been moving at such a fast pace that I haven’t even had a chance to write about Wander2Dharma. First of all, I just want to say a long overdue thank you to everyone who came out and supported it. I’ve been hosting Wanderlust pre-festival events for a few years now, and I think this one may have been the best one yet!
dharma_154DSC_3224The main intentions were:

  • To raise awareness around Wanderlust Whistler
  • To highlight Dharma Yoga Vancouver – an amazing new studio with a beautiful community of dedicated yogis
  • Bring our love of yoga, community & music together

I’m so grateful that it all came together so nicely. It seems that when you are clear on your intentions, people appear out of nowhere and truly want to help you.  I was floored by everyone who just wanted to participate and be a part of it. It definitely helps when you love the people you work with. We couldn’t have done it without our fellow wayfarers: Daniel, Jen, Maria & Adam!dharma_016DSC_2601

 Also, big thanks to Erin, SJ, Reno, Freddy, Steve, Sina, Kim & my man Sebastien!  Special thanks to our photographers Matthew Burditt & Amanda Cooper who did a fantastic job of capturing the event.  Thanks to our sponsors Lululemon, The General Public, The Parlour & Edzerza  And last but not least, thanks to the ever beautiful Jes Roach coordinating everything for us behind the scenes!



My husband, Sebastien and I had such a blast collaborating on our part of the class.  He DJ’d some sweet electronic beats, while I taught yoga. We had talked about doing this together for years and it really was exciting to see it all come together.  All those practice sessions we did, the music planning, it felt like there was this synergistic energy that took over and swept us up.  It was really fun. And although it wasn’t perfect – it kind of was …  Perfectly Imperfect.


Here are some of the highlights:

  • Beautiful soulful opening Kirtan led Jambhavan featuring Steve Fazzari
  • Teaching a class while DJ Ceebas played some sweet electronic tunes
  • SJ’s grounding yoga class with my teacher Reno DJing
  • Beautiful assists from the Dharma tribe: Sina, Kim, Erin & Steve
  • Wanderlust themed costume Photo Booth

dharma_109DSC_3027dharma_156DSC_3232Congrats to Richard & Amanda – the lucky prize winners of the 2 coveted 5-day Sage Passes!

To see the event photos – click here for the facebook album.

Being a Wanderlust Wayfarer has been an incredible experience.  Before Wanderlust had even come to Canada, I remember watching videos it on Youtube and being captivated by the spirit behind it all.  I remember messaging all my yoga teacher friends saying … Let’s go to Wanderlust in California!  Unfortunately most of us were broke at the time and it didn’t work out. But when I heard Wanderlust was coming to Canada – I got on it and started volunteering at the first one in Whistler, B.C..  It was such a great experience, I’ve been wayfaring for them every year since.

Volunteering at Wanderlust is awesome because you have a chance to immerse yourself into all things yoga.  It’s a great chance to explore all the different types of yoga: Meditation, Music, Acroyoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin, Hula Hooping, Slacklining, SUP paddleboard and more.  It’s a chance to attend classes and lectures led by world class teachers from all over the world.  Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned yogi, there’s something new and exciting for everyone to try.  I also love connecting to yogis outside of the regular confines of the studio. So as you can imagine I’m really excited!

Here are some free pop up activities I’ll be attending, if you’re free and I hope to see you there!


1:40-1:50PM Circle Love Hug:

2:00 PM Dharma Yoga Jam in front of the Lulu Lemon Store


1:40-1:50PM Massage Train Pop Up:  Because who doesn’t love a good massage train?

See you on the mountain!


xo Phyllis

P.s. If you still haven’t purchased your tickets -direct message me for a special offer!