Reiki Testimonials


Krishna’s presence radiates care and compassion.DesireC Her reiki session brought me from a place of anxiety and illness, to feeling grounded, strong, and healthy. It was exactly what I needed when feeling overwhelmed and in a time of unknowns. I experienced immediate physical and psychological results. Afterwards, she held the space, provided me with an opportunity to share my experience with her, and actively listened. At all times I felt safe, secure, and supported throughout this reiki session. As someone who has seen a variety of reiki practitioners, I highly recommend Krishna if you ever have the pleasure of meeting her.

Desiree Cabecinha, Victoria, Canada 


“My reiCourtney Testimonialki session with Krishna was an eye-opening experience. I left the session feeling an overwhelming sense of calmness, openness, and positive energy. Throughout the session, I experienced physical sensations within the body in a number of areas, mostly separated from where she was working. Krisha is truly a teacher in that she openly explains reiki and the healing that can come from its practice. She displays her passion for reiki and makes you feel immediately comfortable. If you have any interest in reiki, the chakras, or negative feelings in any sense, I highly recommend a session with Krisha.”

Courtney Nolan, Calgary, AB, Canada


Martine Reiki Testimonial
“I went into Krishna’s Reiki session with a open mind and a open heart. I didn’t have any experience with Reiki beforehand and was just curious to learn more and try it. Krishna is a very warm, positive and open person and I felt really comfortable throughout the whole session. It is clear that she really loves Reiki herself and want to share her passion and knowledge to the world. I felt really calm and relaxed throughout the session and after the Reiki healing we had a really nice talk about my life and how I can incorporate Reiki myself. She also gave me a mantra which I try to use in stressful situations. Overall it was a really lovely experience and I would definitely recommend Krishna to everyone!” Martine Nielsen, Copenhagen, Denmark


 kevininparos (1)

“Hi Krishna,  I just wanted to thank you again for the great care you are taking with me, and to let you know how much I appreciate it. I feel that your guidance has helped me to integrate and accept certain aspects of my life (work, passions, responsibilities) and to enjoy the pleasure that can be found there. It has been a pleasure to work with you over the past few weeks.  Seems like I have known you forever.”

 Kevin, Vancouver, Canada



“I had such a profound experience during your reiki session at BM.  It was beautiful and really opened up a new world for me. That was a much needed and grounding experience. BM can be so disorienting, it really rocks my world every time. This year especially I felt like it melted me down and now I’ve been rebuilding since then. Guess it’s fitting that the theme next year is “metamorphosis!”
My intention during the session was to break out of my shell and call in my highest creative potential. Starting on my drive home I just felt so raw and torn open. The feeling lasted for days, it was mostly full of sadness and tears but it was a beautiful release. With the tears, new information and points of view came pouring in almost as if I cracked open a greater connection to my higher self.
Took a while to recover but since then I’ve noticed a massive shift. Just facilitated my first ecstatic dance and also received funding to paint a mural in my town. My focus is on my expression and creativity and how I can use that to serve. Thanks for sharing your gifts! It was so nice to share that space with you and all of those beautiful people. Are y’all planning on going next year?
Mitch, USA