Reiki Yoga Workshop Experience – June 2019

Reiki Yoga Workshop Experience – June 2019


A big THANK YOU to everyone who had attended my workshop at Open Door Yoga last month.
I am still glowing from all the generous support and feedback received.

The practice of Reiki continues to be a gift to me in many ways, and something that I am so grateful to share.  The big takeaway seemed to be how powerful the sharing of one’s intention is.  It seems that when we allow ourselves to be truly authentic and vulnerable, the people around us tend to show up and willingly support us in so many ways.

As mentioned, this is an introduction to Reiki.  Only so much can be covered in a 2 hour workshop but if you had felt called to go deeper into this beautiful practice, I am also offering more in depth courses in Vancouver.

You can find out more by visiting this link:

Also, I’m excited to be offering another workshop coming up in the Fall.

Please save the date: Saturday Sept 15th at Open Door at the same location Main + 14th.

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Finally, I have also posted some of the sweet things my students have had to say about their experiences and also some photos below.  Thanks everyone for all your kind words.  Here is the link to the workshop testimonials.