Karma In The City: Wanderlust Pre-party


Happy Sunday!  If you have been following this blog, you may already know that I am a huge fan of Wanderlust.  Last year, Wanderlust festival came to Canada for the first time ever, and rocked it in Whistler, BC.

After attending for the first time as a volunteer, I fell madly in love with the festival and continue to get more and more involved every year.

If you want to find out more about my experience at Wanderlust last year, check out my blog post here: Volunteering at Wanderlust 2012

This year, I am participating as a Wanderlust Whistler Wayfarer.  This has been a super fun experience and provided the added perk of connecting to some truly amazing people.

Part of our role as wayfarers is to build awareness around Wanderlust.  Speaking of which, if anyone has any questions – feel free to contact me.

Enter Karma In The City.


Karma In The City is a FREE event held in the spirit of promoting Wanderlust Whistler.  We are so excited to be supporting Karma Teachers – an amazing studio that kindly provides by donation & free classes in the Vancouver East side.

Last summer, I taught at their annual Yogathon, and I was blown away by how beautiful the community is there.  The thing about Karma Teachers is that being involved with them just makes you feel so good inside.

Danielle Mika Nagel from the Chopra centre will be teaching a free yoga class, and I am so excited to be teaching as well.  There’s going to be live music, DJ’s, exciting prizes & giveaways.  We are continuing to line up some great sponsors for our silent auction with all proceeds going to Karma Teachers. (Vega, Myyogaonline, Float House, Chase Theory, Urban Fitness, & Yoga Buttons)  If you or anyone you know of would like to get involved, please contact me directly at phylliskchan@gmail.com!

To find out more about Karma In The City, We will be posting updates on our facebook event page:

If you are interested in attending the yoga class, please be sure to secure your free tickets here as space is limited.

Come join the party!  I would love to see you there 🙂



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