Journey to Holos Yoga – Longview, WA

Journey to Holos Yoga – Longview, WA

I am so excited to be invited back to teach and run Holos Yoga studio for the next two weeks.  It’s interesting how one opportunity can lead to another.  In this case I feel incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with the lovely Ouelletes.

Back in January, 2013, my partner Sebastien and I were travelling through Belize and we stumbled across this gem of a yoga studio called Ak’bol Yoga.  I negotiated with Seb to stay longer because I looove the energy there.  After practicing daily for almost a week, I worked up the courage to nervously ask Kirsten, the owner, if I could lead a class there.  The yoga platform pictured below was built on the water and covered by a palapa structure.  A gorgeous practice space.

And to my surprise she said yes! I was floored. Our friends were leaving for Guatemala, but I managed to talk Seb into staying for just one more day so I could teach.  And it was in this class that I met and taught Matt & Desiree Ouellette.  You can read more about that experience by clicking here: Last Night I dreamed of San Pedro.

Desiree Ouellette is one of the most dedicated yogis I know.  We both share the love of yoga training. In fact we joked around about teaching for the purpose of training. I am humbled to  fill in for her while she is away. She is currently trained in yoga as a structural therapist (YST) and working on her 1000hr yoga certification!

Desiree Ouellete

While I am covering for her she will be training with her main teacher, Tiffany Cruikshank in Byron Bay, Australia.

Desiree Ouellette is an extremely talented teacher who is beautiful inside and out.  She radiates yoga and you can see why the community around her embraces and supports her in her passion for the practice.

We exchanged business cards and became Facebook friends.  One thing led to another and the next thing you knew I was teaching in Longview, Washington! The experience was amazing and I was floored by how beautiful Holos Yoga studio is, (It just expanded!) and how dedicated the students are there.

The word Holos is greek for whole.  So the practice is all about bringing us back to wholeness.  Uncovering the layers to realize that underneath it all we are perfect. Divine. How beautiful is that?

I feel extremely blessed to have encountered such generous, kind and amazing souls in my last trip to Holos Yoga.  Thank you the great connections.

Here’s a link to the photos from my last visit: Teaching at Holos Yoga

I’ll be teaching from Oct 28th, 2013 – Saturday, Nov 9th,2013.  Please check here for the schedule.

Here’s how you can connect to Holos Yoga:



Address: 1338 Commerce Ave, Suite 109 Longview, WA 98632

Phone: 360-355-2327

My next blog post will be centred around tips for subbing/teaching & running a studio.  If that’s something you’re interested stay connected as it will be coming out soon.


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